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Maths at Kelsall 

At Kelsall, we teach using a mastery approach which means pupils acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. The mastery approach recognises the value of developing the power to think rather than just do. It also recognises the value of making a coherent journey in which whole-class groups tackle concepts in very small steps, one by one. We believe that every child can achieve and we aim to foster a love for maths that they can continue to nurture in the future. We understand that mistakes are valuable opportunities to re-think and understand more deeply and we believe that learning is richer when children and teachers alike focus on spotting and sharing mistakes as well as solutions.

Here at Kelsall, we use Power Maths which is a clearly structured teaching and learning process that supports teachers to ensure that every child masters each maths concept securely and deeply. Complex mathematical concepts are built on simpler conceptual components and when children understand every step in the learning sequence, maths becomes transparent and makes logical sense. We carefully design interactive lessons to establish deep understanding in small steps, as well as fluency in key facts such as tables and number bonds. Our ethos is that the whole class works on the same content and no child is left

 Following a 5-part mastery lesson structure, we aim to provide opportunities for the children to explore their reasoning and problem solving skills and to challenge themselves and their thinking. The children are given time to explore a concept in context and encouraged to discuss this with their peers using concrete resources and representations to support and strengthen their understanding. Children master concepts one step at a time in lessons that embrace a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) approach, avoid overload, build on prior learning and help them see patterns and connections. To ensure sustained progress we use same-day intervention so all children ‘keep up’ not ‘catch up’. We aim to provide children with the confidence to explain their methods and thought process using mathematical vocabulary as they work through a problem and then reflect on their learning at the end of the lesson.

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