Our Information Market Place

Class: Year 2 - Ash Year: 2013-2014

Welcome to our market place

Members of Ash class have been very busy researching and studying to become either experts in Rainforest snakes or frogs.  They then collaborated with other experts to create information stalls from which they could barter and exchange information with others.  
Our learning power muscles were in over drive and it was agreed that different skills had to be used throughout the day.  It was decided the powers used most frequently throughout the day were;

  • Collaboration 
  • Taking responsibility 
  • Communication
  • Questioning, &
  • Listening

There were times when groups had to work quietly together and there were times when jobs had to be delegated  with some children taking the lead and others following.  When the market started it was loud and busy and it seemed the louder the market holders shouted the more business they'd get!

When we evaluated the day it was decided that everyone had gained a huge amount of knowledge from each other and it's something we're going to do again.  But we also agreed that the next time we enter the information market place more focus on what the buyers are looking for would make the session even more valuable.


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