At Kelsall, we provide children with a varied curriculum in PE that covers games (invasion, striking and fielding and net), dance, gymnastics, athletics, swimming (Year 4) and outdoor/adventure activities. During these sessions, children learn and practice a range of skills and have the opportunity to apply them. Children also work on tactics and supporting/ leading others to work as a team effectively. We also work closely with professional coaches (football, cricket, handball and Judo to name a few) who provide our children with exciting and enriching opportunities. 

We enter various competitions throughout the year and provide opportunities for many children across Key Stages 1 and 2 to take part in competitive sport. Later on in the year, some reception children have the chance to take part in a tournament too.

Last year we had a fantastic year of Sports, we competed in and won serval events including the Year 3/4 Girls Football County Finals. Take a look at the gallery below to see photos of some of our successes last year, from hockey to athletics, tennis to cross country, football to handball. 

Below you will also find dates for all the cross country tournaments this year. The cross country competitions are always great fun and we encourage as many children as possible to participate in them. If your child is interested in participating please keep these dates in mind. Further information about them will be sent nearer the time.


Dates Competition (4-5pm)

Thursday 5th October

Year 1/2

Thursday 12th October

Year 3/4

Thursday 26th October

Year 5/6

Thursday 8th March

Year 5/6

Thursday 19th April

Year 3/4

Thursday 3rd May

Year 1/2

If you have any contacts or areas of expertise in Sport, please see Miss Creek

School Run activities/clubs

Cricket Coaching - weekly

Handball - weekly

Y4 Swimming - weekly

Multi-sports - Wednesday pm

Judo - Thursday am

Football - Thursday pm

This website will be updated regularly to keep you up to date with how our school are performing!

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