Help at Home - useful websites

Below is a list of useful websites:

Alphabet and letter sounds

Alphabet letters -

Alphabetical Order -

Missing letters -

Chanel Earth alliteration -


Letter formation, sounds and matching

Initial sound matching -

Word and letter snap -

Interactive alphabet and letter formation -

Initial Sounds -

Alphabetical order -

Letter formation -

Mouse House Lower case and upper case letter matching -

Sorting p/d/b -

Initial sound matching -

Nine square initial sound matching -

Vowel Sounds -

Letter sounds for reading -

Letter Planet sh/th/ch -


CVC words

CVC words -

CVC onset and rhyme -

CVC word ending sorting -

CVC word matcher -

CVC word maker -

Drag and spell Phase 3 phonics -

Look, cover, write, check Phase 3 phonics -

Look out below, small word making from larger words -

The whirlywords machine -

CVC word wheels -

Pounce, word and picture matching -


Reading words

Reading key words -

Sight reading -

I can read -

Tricky word bus, phase 2 -

Reading key words TRICKY -


Clusters and Blending

Cluster buster, cluster blends -

Cluster wheel -

Word blender -

Blending bowl -



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