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British Values

How we develop an understanding of British Values


School Council - children representing the pupils of Kelsall School, making sure their voice is heard.

Expressing their views

School jobs and responsibilities 

Making thier own choices

History and literacy lessons

Assemblies about fairness

Fairtrade awareness and Fairtrade events


Individual Liberty

Before and after school clubs

Anti-bullying campaigns

Celebrating the individual

Celebrating children's achievements

Child initiated tasks

Assemblies about people who have made a difference.


Rule of Law

Behaviour policy

Class and School rules

Vists from local police


E safety and other safe-guarding procedures

Promoting fair play in PE lessons and play times

Philosophy for Children sessions


Respect and acceptance of those with different faiths and beliefs 


RE lessons

Visits from religious represetatives

Visiting cities and places of worship

Our 3 Respect rules

Philosophy for Children sessions

Files to Download

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