Reception - Oak 2017 - 2018

Welcome to Oak Class!

As most of you know my name is Miss Walsh. Some other special people in the classroom are Miss Fry (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Dia (Associate Teacher)

Our school theme this year will be Survivors, which will be broken down into three main aspects: HUMAN survival in the first term, ANIMAL survival after Christmas and then the survival of the PLANET in the summer term. We have also chosen to look at books from the author Michael Morpurgo and poems from Adrien Mitchell.

We hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter break and are ready to continue your exciting learning journey in Oak Class. We have a very exciting summer term ahead and we are looking forward to sharing lots of MAGIC MOMENTS together. Our new topic ‘SUPERHEROES’ will start by finding out about what superpowers we have and how we can help the environment. We will use your interests and ideas to plan our learning and MOLE MISSIONS so every day will be different, fun and exciting.

The stories to inspire us this term, will be based on the green-caped crusader MICHAEL RECYCLE and his ADVENTURES. To kick start our topic, we will be visiting The Recycling Centre in Winsford, and this will hopefully then enable us to turn our role play area into a RECYCLING FACTORY (pinching ideas and putting them in our pockets to take back to school).

Turning into RECYCLING SUPERHEROS will be tricky and we will have to learn lots along the way. I’m sure once we understand the importance of recycling, we will be able to recycle many things in school.

A lot of paper is used in school and gets thrown into the paper recycling bin, BUT … could we learn how to recycle our very own paper? Maybe we could read and follow instructions and even write them down, so we can make our own paper at home? All that milk we drink at playtime, how could we reuse the milk cartons? How about the plastic milk bottles we buy from the shops, could we make something out of these?

In LITTLE CHEFS this term we will be planting, growing and then cooking our own food – completing the whole process. What shall we plant? What will we be able to make with it? How does planting and growing our own things help the environment? Lots of discussions to be had.

Having our new superpowers we will have to create a super-village so we can all live there. We will have to create houses thinking about the shapes we use and then using positional language describing where our houses are in the super-village. What other buildings might be there? Churches, synagogues, temples? This will link to our learning about different communities and traditions.

There will be some special days planned with our buddies, maybe they could join us on our SUPRHERO DAY when we could make our own capes and superhero badges and explain our superpower to them. Could we make a mini superhero for the role play puppet theatre? All those fine motor skills we have been learning will come into use here – sewing and threading. How about using technology to make our very own STOP ANIMATION VIDEO linked to our puppet theatre show? I’m sure our buddies could help, they are SUPERHEROS after all!

During the second half of Summer term our inspirational book linked to our superhero and recycling theme will be LITTERBUG DOUG - a MICHAEL RECYCLE adventure. Opening in OAK CLASS will be the RUBBISH café! Menus, posters and signs will have to be written! Particularly we need to know the time we are open and closed and this will link to our telling the time learning.

It will be a lively RUBBISH café with music, dancing, singing and maybe even rapping. Do you think we could make some instruments from recycled material too? A very busy SUMMER term in Oak! I’m sure our parents will want to share all of our learning, could we invite them to the RUBBISH café? Will they think it’s RUBBISH? Invitations will have to be written. What day and time will it be on?

There will be LOTS of learning opportunities this SUMMER in a fun, playful way whilst planning our RUBBISH café! Watch out for the date, you will be receiving your invitation soon!

Can we create another MAGIC MOMENT in Oak Class? I think we can!

We look forward to spending a MAGICAL SUMMER term together.

Miss Walsh

Please see the Oak Class curriculum map for more information about our learning! A copy of our class Fact File and this term Mole Mission HOME LEARNING can also be found here on our class page. Remember, you can tweet your HOME LEARNING on twitter @KelsallSchool #oakclass, but remember to also put magic moments on your NEW ONLINE LEARNING JOURNEY!

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