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Together we make an excellent TEAM who work hard to 'Be the Best We Can Be!'

As most of you know my name is Miss Walsh. Some other special people are Miss Fry and Mrs White. Miss Fry and Mrs White will be covering my PPA on a Friday Afternoon.

We hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready to begin your exciting spring term learning journey. This term we are looking forward to sharing lots of MAGIC MOMENTS together.

The first few days of spring term will be exploring and discovering what we all know about the theme ‘Under the sea’ - finding out about the things you want to learn. We will use your interests and ideas to plan our learning and activities so every day will be different, fun and exciting. ‘To the bottom of the ocean’ is a whole school theme this term, and we will be firstly exploring, different sea creatures. To kick start our learning a visit to the BLUE PLANET AQUARIUM has been arranged.

During our learning around the theme ‘Under the sea’ we will be writing lists of what we know lives under the sea. Counting, ordering numbered shells and writing numbers in the sand. Labelling different parts of the fish will be essential to help us understand similarities and differences when comparing them to maybe other animal habitats and answering questions, such as how can they live under the sea? Maybe we could look at life cycles too. What else might we find under the sea other than sea creatures… plastic bottles? WHAT? How did they get there? What’s all this pollution doing to all the sea creatures? How can we stop this? I’m sure these will be some of the questions we will be discussing.

After learning about recycling, what could we use these plastic bottle for? Can we make things? We need to make a number machine to help us add together, could we use them as tubes? To help us take away, we could use the plastic bottles as skittles for our bowling alley? What else could we use them for…? We could turn milk cartons into plant pots, plant a seed – who would smile if they were given a plant? Could this link to our community dead at Stable Cottage?

To complete a set of TOP TRUMPS we will need to find out about sea creatures and learn facts, to do this we will need to use google and look carefully at non-fiction books. We will discuss what non-fiction books have compared to fiction books.

During Spring 2, linked to the ‘No Outsiders’ we will be discussing topics such as girls and boys games? Are there girls and boys games/ themes? We will use pirates and mermaids to demonstrate. I’m sure we will all get busy making a pirate ship to role play in and make stories up. We will read lots of fiction books this term and remind ourselves of the differences to non-fiction books.

Another important part of the second half of the spring term will be investigating floating and sinking thinking about the whole school STEAM project. We need to answer lots of questions – Why do things float and sink? How can we stay afloat? What materials can we use to help us float? After the whole STEAM process we will be celebrating, testing our boats and our floats during the ‘OA’ Phonics Party – Oaks bOAt and float party. Parents watch out you might be receiving an invitation to the party. There will be 2 large paddling pools involved, a sea creature dance with a band (learnt during PE sessions) and a message in a bottle to write. I am sure this will create a MAGIC Oak Class memory! We look forward to spending spring term together.

Miss Walsh and Miss Fry Please see the Oak Class curriculum map for more information about our learning! A copy of our class Fact File and this term Mole Mission HOME LEARNING can also be found here on our class page.

Remember, you can tweet your HOME LEARNING on twitter @KelsallSchool and don’t forget to log important memories onto your ONLINE LEARNING JOURNEY, we want to know about them too!

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