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 Welcome to Oak Class!

As most of you know my name is Miss Walsh. Some other special people in the classroom are Miss Fry and Mrs Little. Mrs Little will be covering my PPA time on a Friday afternoon.

Our school theme this year will be Survivors, which will be broken down into three main aspects: HUMAN survival in the first term, ANIMAL survival after Christmas and then the survival of the PLANET in the summer term. We have also chosen to look at books from the author Michael Morpurgo and poems from Adrien Mitchell.

We hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and are ready to continue your exciting learning journey in Oak Class. We have a very exciting Spring term ahead and we are looking forward to sharing lots of MAGIC MOMENTS together. Our new topic ‘Bears’ will start by finding out about the things you want to learn about bears. We will use your interests and ideas to plan our learning and MOLE MISSIONS so every day will be different, fun and exciting. The first job will be to find all the books with bears in and enjoy reading them together each day.

The story to inspire us this half term, will be the traditional tale ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. Following on from this and into the second half of the term we have an exciting CAT literacy project planned, named ‘Twisted Tales’, where we will be focusing on ‘Goldilocks and Just the One Bear’ by Leigh Hodgkinson. This will be a project that will allow us to link up with our Cheshire Academy Trust schools. May be we could visit their school and see how their learning journey has developed and share ours too?

Using TECHNOLOGY, we will start googling bears, to find out facts and where they live around the world. This will lead into discussions about similarities and differences between their environments and maybe we could create different environments in the SMALL WORLD AREA? What do polar bears need to survive? Through using technology and reading non-fiction books we can learn interesting facts and produce some non-fiction writing about different bears. Perhaps with our buddies help, we could create some fact cards.

The role play area could turn into the bear’s little cottage, just like in the story Goldilocks and the three bears. It must look like the bears real house (just like the book), we will have to explore and experiment with different material to create the perfect cottage and then we can role play. What will we need? We will have to write a list. I’m sure we will have to make different size bowls, chairs and beds (for the different sized bears) this will definitely help us to use different mathematical language to describe the size of the items. Continuing with our mathematics we will be constructing a special NUMBER MACHINE, but it will have to be designed carefully to help us with our adding together.

As we come towards the end of the first half term, celebrating and learning about CHINESE NEW YEAR is a must. We will be looking at similarities and differences among families, communities and traditions whilst learning about the carnival and how Chinese New Year is celebrated. Cooking and trying some Chinese food will be a great way to start our learning!

In the second half of the Spring term our ‘Twisted Tale’ project will begin, we will take what we already know about the traditional book Goldilocks and the Three Bears and discuss differences and similarities between the twisted book ‘Goldilocks and Just the One Bear’ by Leigh Hodgkinson. The role play area will have to change accordingly and we can look forward to filming the different scenes in the book. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

We will also be turning into LITTLE CHEFS measuring and weighing ingredients to cook and bake delicious food and treats. Could we make PORRIDGE? Or will it be too lumpy, too sweet or JUST RIGHT? Reading and writing ingredient lists and recipes of course at the same time! Part of our learning in LITTLE CHEFS will be to write instructions on how to make something yummy! Maybe it could be instructions to make a sandwich for a PICNIC! Will our parents want to come and help us follow our instructions and help us make a sandwich?

Could we take our parents on a real TEDDY BEARS PICNIC, go out to the woods with the sandwiches we have made? We could keep adults entertained with music and songs and we could even let them watch our ROLE PLAY SCENES? Invitations will have to be written. What day and time will the teddy bears picnic be?

There will be LOTS of learning opportunities this SPRING in a fun, playful way whilst planning our TEDDY BEARS picnic! Watch out for the date, you will be receiving your invitation soon!

Can we create another MAGIC MOMENT in Oak Class? I think we can!

We look forward to spending a MAGICAL Spring term together.

Miss Walsh

Please see the Oak Class curriculum map for more information about our learning! A copy of our class Fact File and this term Mole Mission HOME LEARNING can also be found here on our class page. Remember, you can tweet your HOME LEARNING on twitter @KelsallSchool #oakclass

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