Ash Class Half term update

Date: 25th Feb 2017 @ 4:49pm

Hello All,

Hope you have all had a lovely half term break and are now ready for a very busy term ahead. As you know this is the last full term before the SATs in May, so we will be working very hard, but we do also have some fun and exciting things planned as it really isn’t all  about the tests.

In this blog I will go over what we did in the last couple of weeks of  term but also what we will be looking at this term and what would be great for you to practise at home.


Over the last two weeks we were looking at money, learning all about the different coins and practising our adding and subtracting using amounts of money. Money is a great way to incorporate all sorts of calculations and would be a great thing for the children to continue practising at home as it can be done in a practical context. For example you could use money for multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.

Examples of questions:

Multiplication – Miss Creek has 6 5p coins in her purse how much money does she have altogether?

Division – Amy has 14p, sweets costs 2p each  how many sweets could she buy?

Addition – David has £12, Chris has £24 how much do they have altogether?

Subtraction – Sarah buys some popcorn for 27p she pays with a 50p coin, how much change would she get?

You could also do 2 part questions for example:

  • Ellie gets £3 pocket money each week. She already has £6.

She puts all her money in a piggy bank, how much money would she have altogether in hr piggy bank in 5 weeks time?

For this question they first need to work out 3 x 5 to find out how much she would get after 5 weeks. Then they need to add the £6 to that.

As much practise the children can do with the four calculations the better as there are a ot of questions of + - x and ¸ in the papers. So any practise whether it is written or mental practise would be extremely beneficial.


In phonics we have been looking at making singular nouns plural by adding the s/es suffix.

There are a few rules we have learnt about so far:

  • Some words just add s.

          E.g. car, stick, tab, card, pig, path, duck, hole

  • Add ‘es’ to words that end in sh, ch, x, s, ss, z

          Churches, wishes, boxes, buses, glasses, quizzes

Rules for words ending in y

  • If it ends in y after a vowel you just add s – plays, days, monkey, boys


  • If it ends in y after a consonant, you change the y to an i before adding es
    • city – cities
    • baby – babies
    • fly – flies

There are of course some exceptions to each of these rules but most do follow them.


In SPaG we are still focusing on the different word types, looking at nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives. We need as much practise with this as possible – making sure we are really secure with the 4 different word types and being able to spot them in sentences.


This half term

We will be looking at shape and fractions in maths, starting with 2D and 3D shapes next week. In literacy we will be writing letters and recounts with a focus in SPaG and sentence types. We will also have a big focus on spelling, so as much spelling practise the children can do at home too the better. I will also be doing a SATs talk one evening this term and you will receive the date of this soon.

However, above all I want the children to enjoy their time in school and their learning and I really don’t want any of the panicking about the tests. In light of this we also have our Circus day and Freddie Fantastic coming in to wow us with is magic tricks and I know the children will certainly enjoy and deserve these fun and exciting days.

If you have any questions or anything you would like to alk about please feel free to email or arrange a time to see me.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Creek


Kelsall Primary School, Flat Lane, Kelsall, Cheshire CW6 0PU