Ash - update 19.03.17

Date: 19th Mar 2017 @ 1:36pm

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in blogs, it has been a rather busy few weeks.

To begin with I just wanted to point out a few things that are happening over the next couple of weeks. Firstly, this week I will be going on the year 3 residential from Wednesday-Friday. The children will be with Miss Moores, Mrs Watson and Mrs Little throughout these days. Secondly, we have our circus day coming up on 27th March and I hope as many of you will be able to make it for our 'circ'tacular show in the afternoon! You will be receiving your invitations from the children this week.

An update on what we have been doing:


Over the last couple of week we have been looking at shape. We started by looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, how many edges, sides, faces, corners, vertices and any lines of symmetry they have. We also solved problems to do with shape, e.g.:

'I am thinking of a 3D shape, it has 5 faces, 5 vertices and 8 edges, what shape am I?' 

We then moved on to making patterns with shapes, which the children were fab at.

As well as shape we have still been practicing solving problems with the 4 different calculations and I still encourage you to practice these with your children as much as possible (see previous blog post). As well as practicing any counting - counting is such a key part of maths - whether that is counting up or back in ones, 2s, 5s or 10s, any counting practice is vital to their mathematical understanding.


In literacy we have an exciting opportunity to set up penpals in Australia. Maisie, who was with us in year 1 before she moved back to Australia, and her class would like to be our penpals. So the last couple of weeks we have been drafting and editing our letters to send to them. Once they are ready we will be posting them over and will then wait for a return letter. 

During letter writing we have looked at a variety of sentences types including 2a and compound (BOYS) sentences. If you look on the sentence type document on our class page you will be able to see what BOYS, and 2a sentences are.

SPaG and Phonics

In these we have been looking at compound words and contracted words.

Compound words - are 2 words that join together to make a new word, for example:

  • rain + bow = rainbow
  • butter + fly = butterfly
  • arm + chair = armchair
  • pop + corn = popcorn

Contracted words are short words that are made by putting 2 words together and use an apostrophe to show the missing letters.

  • could + not = couldn't
  • is + not = isn't
  • they + are = they're
  • we + will = we'll 

We have also been looking at when else we would use apostrophes. We know that we use them in contracted words to show where letters are missing. But we also know that we use them to show possession - that something belongs to someone or thing. For examples:

  • Lucy's car
  • Jamie's bike
  • the dog's bowl

Finally, a quick reminder that the SATs talk is on Tuesday, I hope to see as many of you there as possible, but don't worry if you can't make it as I can give you any bits of information you may have missed another time.


Miss Creek  


Kelsall Primary School, Flat Lane, Kelsall, Cheshire CW6 0PU